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Igbo Amaka

Scheduled on

Sunday 3:00 pm 4:00 pm

Igbo Amaka - Promoting the rich traditional and cultural norms of the Igbo people and discouraging the bad practices.

Igbo Amaka as presented by Mazi Paripa projects 4 basic sub topics in a month, usually a phone in Program. The first Sunday featuresĀ  Igirigi a program where we talk about negative attitudes, causes, effect and advise. On second Sundays we treat Oburu gi Ime gini? which simply means.. _what would you do if you were the one?_ Here we tell true life stories people send to us from some troubled families and listeners will call to render their advise. On third Sunday is Ka ima nkea ima nke ozo: You know this, do you know the other? Here, we ask questions in Sports, entertainment, politics etc and On fourth Sundays we bring Suo ya na asusu Igbo:Say it in Igbo… which is also a phone in Program.

Every Sunday 3pm-3:30pm

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